Branding by Banding

Branding by Banding combines banding and marketing, effectively presenting your product and message. The prominent printed band plays a crucial role in this process. The better the design matches your product and target group, the more likely it is to stand out among other products in the supermarket. Make your product stand out on the shelf!

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One concept, dual expertise

Branding by Banding brings together two areas of expertise in one concept. On the one hand, we have the pre-designed and printed paper or film banding, and on the other, Bandall's advanced banding technology. This joining of forces with Bandall ensures that functions such as labelling, bundling and sealing are optimised. At the heart of Branding by Banding lies a catchy and attractive design, using as little packaging material as possible.

Positioned banding

Thanks to the placement of a band around your product, the different elements of the design are always accurately positioned in relation to your product. This allows the information or design that convinces potential buyers to be placed strategically and purposefully, while less relevant information can be positioned just at the bottom of the product.

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Continuous banding

With a continuous printed band, you don't have to be concerned about precise placement in relation to the product. Ideal for banding with promotional texts such as "in stock = out" or "two for the price of one". But other printings that do not require a specific position, such as side-by-side logos or an integral part of your 'branding', are also perfectly possible.

Our Banding Label

Just 3 steps

to your own Banding

1. Technical Layout Drawing
For this step, Optimum Group Max Aarts needs your packaging criteria to make the technical drawing. We will send this technical drawing to you, so you can place your design into the drawing (we can also assist in this).

2. Receiving Artwork
After Optimum Group Max Aarts receives your digital artwork, we will make a printing proof, which is approved by you. Any changes required can then be included

3. After Approval
After Approval of the printing proof, pritning plates will be made and production starts. Normally, the delivery time is two weeks after approval of the printing proof

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