As a one-stop shop, we at Optimum Group™ Max Aarts offer a wide range of sustainable solutions for industry. We focus on large stocks and value high quality. Our labels ensure that information remains legible for a long time. Therefore, opt for a worry-free and environmentally friendly production process by choosing the right labels.

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Solutions for Industry

They work in an environment where machines and technical parts are produced under extreme conditions. Here, it is crucial that the quality of the products is maintained during final assembly, that they are heat-resistant and that the information on the products remains visible. Optimum Group™ Max Aarts guarantees high-quality printing to meet these requirements. Our solutions are specially tailored to your machining needs to ensure that the continuity of the production process is maintained.

Our packaging is tailor-made for any product, whether it is a barcode label or full tube packaging. We use shrink sleeves that can print all information about your product at 360 degrees. Our experts constantly test new materials to ensure that our packaging meets the highest quality standards. We are actively committed to protecting the environment and offer you eco-friendly and sustainable packaging and labelling solutions, such as recycled or washable labels. This way, you contribute to compliance with laws and regulations while demonstrating your commitment to a clean environment.

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As a company, even in manufacturing, you need to be prepared for stocks to deviate unexpectedly. Determination and flexibility allow you to respond to spontaneous changes. Optimum Group™ Max Aarts has several production sites in order to switch quickly and easily when needed. As a result, we are always near you.

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