Attract more attention with your products! Optimum Group™ Max Aarts offers a wide range of products and can be found in numerous industries.

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Stand out with your product

Find Optimum Group™ Max Aarts in numerous segments

Opt for sustainability when packaging and labelling your products with our flexible total solutions and an attractive look. Optimum Group™ Max Aarts supports various industries and ensures that logistics run smoothly with the right labels. Sales are also provided with correct labels up to the front door - always taking sustainability into account. We use recycled materials, sustainable paper and eco-friendly ink. Eye-catching packaging makes your product stand out from the shelves and be preferred by consumers.

Most viewed products

Bedrukte banderollen

Printed banding labels

Successful all-round: With 360-degree printing all around your product, the band offers enough space for all product information and the customer can still see what the product looks like.

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With this flexible, customisable and durable packaging solution, perfect for any product segment, you increase the chances of being caught on the shelf!

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Meerlaagse etiketten

Multilayer labels

From multilingual product information to safety instructions or discount offers: Get the flexibility needed to present all important information.

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Solutions for every industry

Sustainable printing and green materials

With our labels, you can print more labels with fewer rolls or even labels without carrier material.

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Optimum Group™ printing techniques

Our range of printing technologies is perfectly tailored to your individual needs. We will work with you to find the right solution.

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Security of supply starts with availability

When manufacturing your products, every step is important. Optimum Group™ Max Aarts is a specialist in labels and packaging materials, providing high-quality solutions.

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Optimum Group™ is committed to doing its best

Our clients face individual challenges, depending on the market segment. Together, we find solutions and use extensive testing to achieve the best possible result.

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With us, you will find expert advice, expert knowledge and people who like to think "outside the box" to find your perfect solution.

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