Sustainability in printing has become increasingly important for you and your requirements. We understand that some labels are difficult to remove if you want to reuse the glass, for example. That's why at Optimum Group™ Max Aarts, we use eco-friendly materials for all your needs. Whether it's material saving or washable labels, our sustainable printing is the perfect choice for any industry.

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Sustainable printing and green materials

Print more labels on fewer rolls or without carrier material. Our sustainable labels impress with the use of eco-friendly inks and thinner base materials. With us, you benefit from more labels per roll, fewer roll changes and a quarter less waste.

If you have a specific need or requirement, we will solve your question immediately and find the best packaging solution for your product. For example, we have shrink sleeves with tear-off perforation for better recycling or labels with washable adhesive for multiple use of your products. In doing so, we analyse and test all possibilities to optimally package your product.

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Are sustainability requirements coming your way in your industry? Not to worry, as we have been using these techniques for months or even years. We are proud to have been using Ravenwood brand green labels, which offer a carrierless option, on demand for five years. We can recommend this system for skinpacks because the packaging fits tightly like a second skin around the product, reducing the amount of material required.

Linerless Labels

By avoiding excess packaging, not only can waste be reduced, but also storage and transport costs can be saved.

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Duurzaamheid is een belangrijk aandachtspunt voor Optimum Group™ Max Aarts. Het maakt deel uit van onze verantwoordelijkheid en is een onmisbaar aspect van ons bedrijf. Ons MVO-beleid wordt weerspiegeld in verschillende bedrijfsactiviteiten die gericht zijn op duurzaamheid. Daarom bieden wij een Liner Recycling programma aan, genaamd Greenliner. Wij willen u helpen om het dragermateriaal van onze etiketten te recyclen en zo bij te dragen aan een duurzamer milieu.

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Create a green cover

with our Optimum Green products

Met onze producten levert u een belangrijke bijdrage aan de bevordering van duurzame bedrijfspraktijken. Ontdek ons groeiende assortiment milieuvriendelijke verpakkingen en etiketten. Met onze groene producten vindt u gegarandeerd een oplossing die perfect aansluit bij uw MVO-beleid. Samen werken we gestructureerd en duurzaam aan een betere toekomst.

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From calling in the desert

to innovation leader

Explore our ideas and opportunities, get inspired and work with us to create a better world. In all our decisions, our focus is on a balanced consideration of environmental, economic and social aspects to pave the way for a better climate. Be part of our commitment to a sustainable future.

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Focus on planet,

people and profit

Our responsibility for the environment and society is very important to us. We demonstrate our social commitment at local, regional and national levels. Locally, for example, we support charities such as the charity run for Duchenne muscular dystrophy to contribute to research into this disease. But also at the national level, we are committed to a sustainable future. On a national level, we support the Forestry Commission through Club Groeneveld, a network of progressive executives from large organisations. Together, we are committed to ensuring that forests and nature are protected and also preserved for future generations.

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With us, you will find expert advice, expert knowledge and people who like to think "outside the box" to find your perfect solution.

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