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Speed and efficiency are essential for your transport and logistics business. That is why we at Optimum Group™ Max Aarts offer labels and packaging solutions specifically tailored to your systems. With a large production capacity, we can supply you quickly, reliably and with consistent quality. We are leaders in the field of sustainable packaging and are therefore committed to protecting our environment.

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Solutions for Transport & Logistics

As a company in an industry that supplies products to different countries, flexibility is a must. That is why we would like to recommend our thin RAF NXT labels. They are such that they make your business processes more productive, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. They are also ideal for your printers or labelling machines. Convince yourself of the benefits of these labels.

In terms of transport and logistics, your parcel has to pass through many steps before it reaches its destination. For example, it is placed on pallets or forwarded to the next packaging station. We offer eco-friendly solutions for every stage of the logistics process, including packaging and labels. Thinner labels, more labels per roll and fewer roll changes allow you to increase efficiency. Our sustainable solutions protect the environment and ensure an efficient packaging process.

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Our supply chain is perfectly organised to always have sufficient stocks of packaging and labels ready for you. We always plan in advance to make sure we have enough materials. Even in situations that require a quick response time, you can count on us to meet your needs.

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