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In the pharmaceutical industry, your labels need to be easily washable. At Optimum Group™ Max Aarts, we have the right printing techniques for every need, surface and situation. In the process, we also constantly test new options to continuously improve our products.

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Optimum Group™ Max Aarts' printing techniques

Optimum Group™ Max Aarts offers you the right printing technology for your needs. Tuned together, we print your message on every surface. We deliver labels and packaging with the information you need for your industry, with consideration for the environment. Our customers include the food and pharmaceutical industry and the retail sector.

We offer a wealth of printing techniques: Flexo printing, foil printing, thermal transfer printing, offset printing, screen printing, letterpress printing and digital printing. Each technique has its advantages and is optimal for certain requirements. If you have a large printing job, we recommend the lightning-fast and cost-effective method.

You will receive labels from us that we can refine in various ways both before and after printing. These refinements give your label that little bit extra. For example, for the cosmetic industry we can apply a finish with more gloss or protect your label from environmental influences with an invisible laminate layer. Other options include perforations for easy tearing, varnish for extra protection and cold or hot foils for a luxurious shine.

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We supply labels in industrial, permanent, transparent, weatherproof or compostable versions. In doing so, we always use knowledge of the right printing techniques to perform this task perfectly. We are aware that each market segment has different requirements and focus on sustainable procurement, waste reduction and packaging recycling.

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