Rely on a certified partner: We are experts in printing the DPG deposit mark on self-adhesive labels.

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Our certification for printing special paints by Deutsche Pfandsystem GMBH makes us the ideal partner for the production of deposit labels. We print deposit colours in the highest quality and with the greatest precision to ensure the labels are recognised by deposit machines. As an authorised label manufacturer, we guarantee compliance with all regulations and ensure perfect printing results.


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Give your drinks that little bit more and at the same time comply with legal labelling requirements with our deposit labels. We support you every step of the way. To order deposit labels, simply check that your company is registered with DPG Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH and has applied for a Global Location Number (GLN). Let us know this information and we will take care of the rest. We supply deposit labels including the required GTIN.

Please note that registration with Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH (DPG) is mandatory in order to order deposit labels from us.

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1. The size of the DPG deposit logo is fixed by law at 14 x 16 mm. This size is provided with a "rest zone". Excluded from the rest zone are (for ink placement only) the dimensions 10 x 13 mm. *We recommend a distance of 2 mm on the sides of the DPG logo as well.
2. The background of the paper or foil should be white.
3. Only one DPG mark and one EAN code are permitted per product.
4. The DPG marking is fixed and must be placed above the bar code.
5. Product packaging must be cylindrical. The deposit vending machines in supermarkets etc. are designed for cylindrical packaging. The DPG marking must not be applied over edges, grooves or other irregularities.
6. The product packaging must have a diameter between 50 mm and 120 mm (where the DPG mark and EAN code must be applied).

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